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Bright Storage

FLASH SpA, the operational holding company of WRM Group together with REDELFI SpA, who is engaged in the development of innovative and sustainable infrastructures to facilitate the energy transition, become partners in BRIGHT STORAGE SpA. REDELFI will hold a 51% share and FLASH the remaining 49%.
The objective of the joint venture is to develop a pipeline of 2.8 GW of stand-alone Battery Energy Storage System projects (‘BESS Projects’) in Italy within five years.


Kipre Group

WRM Group has completed the complex financial, industrial and operational reorganisation of  Kipre Group,  a leading company in the PDO Raw Hams market, active in Italy and abroad through two brands, Principe and King’s, by the sale of King’s to Rigamonti Salumificio (JBS Group) .  The sale includes, along with these historical brands, 4 production plants and the entire activity of Principe in the United States.

WRM Group retains ownership of Kipre Holding and Queen’s with 2 plants and up to 160,000 shares of the Consorzio del prosciutto di San Daniele DOP.  The industrial positioning of the new Kipre Group is to focus on the production of Prosciutto di San Daniele DOP and  cooked hams in the Trieste tradition of high quality, as well as to integrate the production chain and to focus on innovation in environmental sustainability and animal welfare.



Iperstaroil Srl

Iperstaroil Srl is a distribution company operating with a network of 29 petrol stations strategically placed throughout Italy.

It has an annual turnover of up to 220 million litres of fuel, corresponding to a revenue of circa 320 Million Euros.

The Company was formed in 2020 as a spin off of Margherita Distribuzione Spa (Auchan S.p.A ) part of the Wrm Group.
Wrm Group has assisted Margherita Distribuzione in the sale of Iperstaroil to Ludoil S.p.A, the deal was officially announced in April 2021.


Kipre Group

Kipre Group is a leading company in the market of high-quality DOP raw hams and is active in Italy and abroad with its famous brands Principe di San Daniele and King’s, with 400,000 shares in the San Daniele ham consortium and 90,000 shares in the Parma ham consortium. Kipre Group’s operational activity is deployed in production plants at six sites in three Italian regions and currently employs more than 300 people.

In 2020, WRM Group acquired the entire ownership of Kipre Group, following the approval of a restructuring agreement by the Tribunal of Trieste, resulting in the rescue of Kipre and its stakeholders from a highly distressed financial position.


Badrutt’s Palace

Badrutt’s Palace Hotel AG is a Swiss company which owns the prestigious and iconic Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in St. Moritz, exclusive sales outlets along Via Serlas in the adjacent area and in front of the Hotel, the Chesa Veglia restaurant (built in 1658), a block of residential properties in front of the Hotel and other exclusive real estate properties in St. Moritz.

In 2019, WRM Group acquired a minority stake in Badrutt’s Palace Hotel AG, adding this prestigious asset to its real estate portfolio.


Auchan Retail Italia

Auchan Retail Italia (now Margherita Distribuzione) was a major Italian retailer with circa 4 billion euro turnover, 16,200 employees, 1,700 shops across the Italian territory which operated under the brand names ‘Auchan’ and ‘Simply’ (of which 318 directly managed shops divided amongst 78 hypermarkets, 176 supermarkets and 64 mini markets).

In 2019, WRM Group, in partnership with CONAD (the leading Italian retail chain with circa 19% market share), acquired the entire ownership of Auchan Retail Italia. Prior to the acquisition, Auchan Retail Italia was suffering from continually declining revenues resulting in significant financial instability. In this highly-distressed scenario, WRM Group and CONAD implemented a turnaround of Auchan’s activities aimed at safeguarding all stakeholders


Project Luce

Project Luce identified a portfolio of distressed loans deriving from lease and loan agreements acquired by Mediocredito Italiano (Intesa Sanpaolo Group). These receivables, with a gross book value of approximately 187 million euro, are guaranteed by photovoltaic plants with a total capacity of approximately 90 MWp.

In 2019, the WRM Group has acquired the portfolio of leases and loans denominated “Project Luce” and, since the acquisition, has implemented several strategies to valorize the underlying assets and the overall portfolio.



Retelit is an Italian telecommunications operator listed on the Milan Stock Exchange which provides infrastructure and services to wholesale (national and international) and business (SMEs and public administration) customers. Retelit’s proprietary infrastructure includes more than 320,000 km of fibre optic cables, 15 data centres and 25,000 km of submarine cables between Hong Kong and Marseille (through participation in the international consortium AAE-1).

In 2018, WRM Group acquired a major stake in Retelit via the investment vehicle Fiber 4.0 SpA, in partnership with a pool of entrepreneurial investors. WRM Group sold its ownership stake in Fiber 4.0 SpA in 2020.


Banca Carige

Banca Carige is a medium sized bank located in the region of Liguria, with a history dating back to 1483.

In 2018, WRM Group acquired a significant  stake in Banca Carige, in the context of a bid for the appointment of new management, which would  implement a plan aimed at rescuing and safeguarding the bank’s activities and  shareholders.



TAS Group specialises in software solutions for e-money, payment systems, financial markets and ERP, and is the Italian market leader in credit card management, access to payment networks and order management. TAS serves the leading commercial and central banks in Italy and Europe, the major financial services centres and leading global broker-dealers listed in the Fortune Global 500 ranking.

In 2016, WRM Group acquired an indirect minority stake in TAS in partnership with a pool of entrepreneurial investors and TAS’ management. The acquisition was effected in the context of a corporate rescue following a prolonged period of financial instability, and involved a major restructuring of its financial arrangements and business activities. WRM Group sold its indirect ownership in TAS in 2020


253 -261 Kensal Road, London

253-261 Kensal Road is a 3,275 sqm site to be developed into a 12,720 sqm commercial use scheme located in the area of North Kensington in central London. North Kensington is a vibrant neighborhood currently undergoing significant regeneration and witnessing continuous development activity.

WRM Group acquired the property in 2014 and obtained planning consent to convert the site into a high-quality commercial building (office and retail) styled as a New York warehouse space.


CTC Global Corporation

CTC Global Corporation is a US-based high-tech manufacturing company with a strong position in the ACCC market (high-capacity/high-efficiency conductors) which offers cost-effective solutions to help network operators double the capacity of congested transmission lines with minimal infrastructure changes. CTC products are based on advanced, patented technologies which provide significant cost advantages over more traditional or competing products.

In 2014, WRM Group granted a critical financing line to CTC Global Corporation which provided the necessary resources to overcome a prolonged period of financial distress and to invest in the future growth of the company.


Queensberry House, Mayfair, London

Queensberry House is 22,422 sqm mixed-use building located in the prestigious area of Savile Row, Mayfair in the heart of London. The property is composed of high-end mixed-use offices, residential and retail spaces.

WRM Group acquired the entire property in 2011 and subsequently sold the commercial units (offices and retail) whilst retaining the ownership of all residential units, which it then sold in 2015.


60 Sloane Avenue, Chelsea, London

60 Sloane Avenue, a 11,411 sqm property originally constructed in 1911 as a depository for the luxury department store Harrods, is located in the heart of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, an exclusive, vibrant and affluent London borough. With its historical heritage, 60 Sloane Avenue is a highly acclaimed and iconic building and is currently utilized with a mixed-use of offices and retail spaces.

WRM Group acquired the entire ownership of the property in 2012 and was subsequently granted planning consent by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea for the conversion of the property into a high-end residential and retail use while maintaining the historical façade of the building. WRM Group sold the ownership of the property with the benefit of the planning consent in 2018.


Banco BPM

Banco BPM SpA is an Italian banking group formed through the merger of Banca Popolare di Milano and Banco Popolare, which has branches throughout Italy. Banco BPM SpA has strong roots in Lombardy where it is the largest operator with a 15% market share. Veneto and Piedmont and has assets of 167 billion euro, 3.8 million customers, 1,727 branches, 21,941 employees and a 7% market share. Banco BPM SpA is the third largest Italian banking group after Intesa Sanpaolo Group and Unicredit Group.

WRM Group was a major shareholder in Banca Popolare di Milano from 2011 until the merger with Banco Popolare in 2016, leading to the creation of Banco BPM SpA.