WRM Real Estate Services is a real estate property & facility management company, based in Milan, which provides a full range of specialised services to real estate investment funds and other real estate investors

WRM Real Estate Services’ highly qualified team aims to maintain and improve the value of real estate assets over time. By integrating all aspects of dynamic asset management, WRM Real Estate Services is able to respond effectively to the specific needs of different real estate asset classes, aiming at achieving the client’s priority objectives.

The range of services offered include: Property Management, Facility Management, Building & Condominium Management and Construction Management.

WRM Real Estate Services has a deep knowledge of the commercial and retail sector and boasts professionals specialised in the design, development, leasing, management and promotion of commercial properties.

Furthermore, the focus on a well-defined management strategy with a view to improving performance, technological innovation and energy efficiency, allows for the attainment of objective results for both the owners and tenants in terms of profitability, maintenance and value-creation in connection with the investment.