An Evolutionary Approach to Family Wealth

Our Private Wealth Office is the evolution of the conventional multi-family office. We bring together the breadth of services available in large global banks, with the values of independence and alignment of interest which are the cornerstones of the traditional family office.

Having worked as wealth managers in both investment bank and family office environments, we are able to orchestrate and address the complexities of protecting and growing your wealth. We are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (‘FCA’) in the UK, the Malta Financial Services Authority (‘MFSA’) in Malta, the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (‘CSSF’) in Luxembourg.

Our Private Wealth Office adheres to the highest standards of cyber-security and data protection. Our clients are able to benefit from our expertise in ensuring that their own IT environments are safe through our proprietary cyber and IT security health checks.

We encourage family members to engage directly with us and to contribute their ideas and opportunities. We work together with you to create a cohesive strategy for your wealth, which minimizes the hassle and cost of dealing with multiple private banks and professional investment advisors. We also provide the opportunity for families to network, together with a special platform to support the next generation in their professional and other endeavours.


Wealth & Tax Planning:

Effective wealth and tax planning can make a significant impact on a family’s financial health and long-term prosperity. It requires exploring a number of scenarios that address succession planning, cross-border considerations, trust structures, gift planning opportunities, and wider family governance issues.

Family governance:

We provide advice and support to family councils in structuring business ownership and trust arrangements, navigating the complexities of corporate finance transactions, and transferring business interests effectively.

Selecting the right family governance structure is critical for achieving long-term wealth preservation through the generations. The more geographically diverse the family and their businesses, the more important it is to ensure that the governance structure is sufficiently robust to address operational and interpersonal considerations, yet flexible enough to evolve as circumstances change over time.

Next Generation:

Younger family members often find it challenging to become constructive contributors within the complex political and social structures of family holdings. Our ‘NextGen’ programmes apply family business theory in both the physical and digital spheres through a series of real-life situations, mentoring and expert interactions. We share our experience and insights into how best to find the right advisors and actively contribute to family councils and operating companies. More broadly, we provide guidance on the impact of your decisions on the business, the social and environmental context and on future generations.

We both originate and advise alongside other sophisticated families and investors in selecting opportunities ranging from corporate and real assets (such as direct private equity, real estate, infrastructure, and art) and intangibles (such as software and IP) to impact investments of any kind. We structure the most efficient investment vehicles and financing to help you achieve your investment objectives.

As your independent partner, we tailor solutions and arrange for a seamless implementation of your liability transactions. We help you select the best and most efficient lenders on a global basis, as well as the optimal structures for the financing of your liquid and illiquid assets. Over the past 15 years, our team have successfully closed a large number of complex financing transactions around assets including real estate, clean energy projects, strategic equity stakes, private equity portfolios, art, yachts and aircraft.

Discretionary Portfolio Management:

Wealth preservation and capital growth are our main priorities when managing your and your family’s assets. We achieve this through a disciplined approach and structured risk framework. Our CIO Office, manager selection team, portfolio managers and traders assume full responsibility for your investment goals. At the same time, you will have complete transparency and access to your senior portfolio managers and investment team.

Investment Advisory:

For clients who prefer greater involvement in the management of their investments, we offer investment advisory services with active financial market assistance and idea generation. As an Investment Advisory client, you will have access to our full suite of services including advice on strategic and tactical asset allocation, fund manager selection, market dealing capabilities, institutional pricing with major global banks, and our transaction support.

Manager Selection:

Our investment team selects funds across all asset classes, including equities, fixed income, hedge funds, real estate and unlisted investments. We do not accept rebates from any fund providers or other third parties. We select funds on an independent, “best-of-breed” basis, minimizing any conflicts of interest or bias towards any fund provider. To construct the optimal portfolio for you, we personally perform an extensive due diligence including but not limited to meeting with senior decision makers in the fund management industry. In addition to our internal resources and analytics, we draw on the extensive fund research and due diligence resources of the large, global financial institutions and other leading independent providers.

Clear and transparent reporting is a key priority across all our operations. We are able to provide a consolidated summary of all your investment portfolios (whether managed by us or externally) and other investment and non-investment assets, with full transparency on performance, fees and commissions, cash flows and risk metrics. This enables us to manage your wealth holistically with a clear picture of all your assets and liabilities, and allows you to view your overall financial situation in a single snapshot.

We help our clients select, structure and develop their philanthropic and impact investment activities. Our impact investment programmes are designed to help you explore innovative ways to create sustainable social and environmental change. Whether you want to realize a dream or contribute to a cause, you will be able to experience and measure the impact you make across your investment and philanthropic endeavours.

Senior Leadership

Today, a team of experienced professionals, organised around five entities, support a wide variety of institutional and private investors, including pension funds, banks, sovereign wealth funds, and ultra high net worth individuals.