Asset Management


The WRM Group offers a well-established asset management platform targeting institutional and professional investors via its regulated alternative investment funds: Athena Capital Fund SICAV-FIS (Luxembourg) and EurAsia Alternative Investments Fund SICAV (Malta).

Your funds would be compliant with the European Union’s Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) and are directly regulated by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) and the Malta Financial Service Authority (MFSA).

The Funds can be freely marketed and promoted within the EU by virtue of passporting.

They are managed by WRM Capital Asset Management S.à r.l. (AIFM) that is advised or delegates (for some of its funds) the portfolio management to WRM CapInvest Ltd. WRM Capital Asset Management offers in-house fund management solutions supported by a highly experienced team of professionals backed by strong risk management, compliance, reporting and valuation functions.

The Funds’ administrator and custodian bank are Société Générale (Luxembourg) and Sparkasse (Malta) and the external auditor is PWC (Luxembourg) and Baker Tilly (Malta).

The WRM Group has launched several sub-funds dedicated to, among others, Real Estate, Alternative Investments, Macro, Private Equity, Multi Assets/Strategies, Fixed Income and Equity.

The WRM Group can offer established and/or tailored funds in order to invest in various investment strategies, from Private Equity, Fixed Income, Multi Assets Strategies to Infrastructure. The Investors can subscribe via a feeder fund to then allocate resources to the various investment strategies on the basis of an agreed and transparent framework and guidelines, with clear eligibility criteria.


  • WRM Group maintains a permanent and documented risk management function that implements effective risk management policies and procedures in order to identify, measure, manage and monitor on an on-going basis all risks relevant to the Fund’s investment strategy including in particular: Market, Credit, Liquidity, Counterparty and Operational Risk
  • Risk Profile Assessment: The risk profile of each Fund corresponds to the size, portfolio structure and investment strategy and the corresponding risk monitoring systems employed are periodically disclosed to Investors
  • Application of a comprehensive risk management process based on both qualitative and quantitative risk measures including:
    • Dedicated monitoring map in line with Fund’s requirements
    • Differentiation between liquid and illiquid Funds
    • Enhanced pre-trade due diligence
  • Liquidity Management: Maintaining liquidity management systems and procedures that allow for the management of the Fund’s illiquid assets and address any related valuation issues in an effort to satisfy possible redemption requests
  • The exposure of the Fund is calculated either through the Value-at-Risk (VaR) or the commitment methodology, taking into account the current value of the underlying assets, the counterparty risk, future market movements as well as the time available to liquidate the positions as may be appropriate
  • Overall Risk Monitoring framework in accordance with the standards and regulations issued by the European Commission, ESMA, CSSF, MFSA and FCA
  • The Head of Risk Management is Julian Jacobson, a seasoned professional with 30 years experience of the financial markets and risk management
  • The WRM Group utilises an external IT platform which has been customized to provide bespoke solutions for its clients, and which can also benefit from the execution technology of our carefully selected counterparties
    • Reporting – Rapid, around the clock navigation through financial situations, from aggregating and storing each single transaction in a unified manner to daily and thorough exploration of individual positions and customised reporting that includes performance contributors and asset class evolution;
    • Continuous Risks Assessment – Ability to group and risk monitor assets by custodian, investment parameter, holder or investors;
    • Control – Trade reconciliation with the custodian, including best execution, commissions and trading fees as well as control of investment guidelines (including mandate overlaps);
    • Supervision – Data capture through custodian’s electronic feeds, including contract notes, credit and debit advices, and statements;
    • Market Signals – Technical and fundamental analysis of risk and market signals including alerts to clients on relevant information concerning investment assets;
    • Reconciliation – Ability to reconcile, anchor check, tax treatment, settlement check of WRM Group’s and third party asset managers.
  • The Fund(s) provide regular factsheets with an in-depth assessment of the financial holdings and performance, that can be tailored at the request of the Investor. In addition, the Fund(s) also provide a regular market commentary from our traders and analysts, supported by research of the major financial houses
  • The WRM Group benefits from an access to several EU regulated jurisdictions and aims to apply the respective regulations at the highest ethical standards, in line with the Group’s client first culture approach
  • As of today, the WRM Group is regulated and supervised in the United Kingdom (FCA), Luxembourg (CSSF), Malta (MFSA) Switzerland (FINMA and VQF). In addition, the Group is under the supervision of CONSOB in Italy and the Bank of Ireland
  • All of WRM Group’s employees dealing with clients comply with all legal and regulatory restrictions based on the location of the establishment of the offices, i.e. London, Luxembourg and Zurich
  • Client on-boarding procedures include:
    • a comprehensive KYC process;
    • procedure to ensure that the client is not subject to international sanctions;
    • record-keeping procedures including client documents and an AML files;
    • clients (PEP, Country of origin, etc.) and transactions presenting an enhanced risk filling & surveillance;
    • regular inflows/outflows monitoring and sample transaction monitoring;
    • MLRO reporting policy;
    • client account review/update policy
  • The WRM Group implements an AML policy, with an appropriate Officer and Committee, as well as it monitors on a continuous basis investors and investments to ensure that all risks are mitigated
  • Cross-border financial services are subject to extensive controls in an increasingly stricter regulatory and legal environment – WRM Group has an on-going commitment to conduct all cross-border activities in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations in order to appropriately manage associated legal, reputational, and regulatory risks.

Senior Leadership

Today, a team of experienced professionals, organised around five entities, support a wide variety of institutional and private investors, including pension funds, banks, sovereign wealth funds, and ultra high net worth individuals.